Share your concerns for the future

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This forum is a space to identify the key issues we need to address within Mount Alexander Shire as we move towards a more sustainable future.

  • What concerns do you have about the future of our shire?
  • What are the questions that you think we need to address collectively?

Big or small.  Specific or general.  Philosophical or practical.  All are important.

Your responses here will help shape the conversation and the ideas for action that emerge.

Questions shape answers and answers lead actions. This is a great place to start.  

Note: Add hashtags to your post so we can search and find it through different views (hashtags will become searchable on the site in September)

Link to Vision & Values forum
Link to Ideas & Projects forum

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Responding to your questions

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    Bill Grant
    Transition Plan Steering Group
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    Euan Williamson
    Transition Plan Steering Group

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