What are your big (and little) ideas?

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In this forum we turn our hopes and fears into ideas for action.

Please outline projects and initiatives that you think will help us connect the dots and strengthen the community bonds we need in order to realise a sustainable future.

    •    Share your thoughts for projects and initiatives that address and alleviate our concerns
    •    Contribute ideas for projects and initiatives that embody and articulate key community values

We know that action on climate change needs to be undertaken by all of us at different levels, linked in different ways across our diverse roles in life  - as individuals, families, community groups, businesses and organisations.

Let's capture the breadth and depth of the solutions here and now.

Note: Add hashtags to your post so we can search and find it later through different views (hashtags will become searchable on the site in September)

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Link to Questions & Concerns forum

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Responding to your ideas

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    Lucy Young
    Transition Plan Steering Group
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    Kyla Brettle
    Project Communications

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