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Video Instruction on how to create an account and join the forum discussion

Jodi Newcombe, Climate Change Coordinator at Mount Alexander Shire, leads us through the basics of navigating the site, making a post, commenting, and voting.
Click here to stream the instructional video and scroll through or listen to the full 15 minutes. 


How you can help turn this discussion space into an online communtiy ready to take local action on climate change!

  • The project needs you to do more than dump your great ideas and run! Hang out and return regularly - read other posts, comment in ways that help develop and progress ideas - and show your support for posts you agree with.
  • Help get everyone involved - tell your local networks about this site, particularly those who might not hear about it otherwise and support them out if they find it challenging.
  • Contribute to the resources page - email site admin with recommendations for robust and relevant reading and viewing materials that can help us grapple with and devise site specific responses to the challenges we face.
  • Be patient with the technology - this platform can be a bit awkward to use and is at times frustrating - but it's the best option we have got at the moment for bringing our communtiy togther online 


While our immediate mission is simply to get as many people in our shire as possible here and sharing ideas for how to address the challenges of climate change - the ultimate aim of this site is to develop both the momentum and a sizable group of peole who can turn these ideas into collective action.

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