Discussing waste with the community

Published 12 October 

As Melburnians know all too well, it’s not often we get sunny days where the sun stays out to play. So, we are super thankful that residents from across Whitehorse took the time to provide their feedback on the draft waste strategy at our drop-in sessions this week.

We had some in-depth conversations to really understand the concerns of the community, answer questions about the strategy and identify opportunities to improve our approach. It’s clear that waste is increasingly top of mind for our community.


We heard that people really want more information on how to do the right thing when it comes to throwing our rubbish. A lot of the discussion focused on what items can and can’t be recycled. It is clear that this is an area that we need to focus on through education and communication programs.


The community also told us that Council should consider how we communicate with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, particularly those who do not speak English as their first language. This was seen as an important step as encouraging community members to recycle the right way would mean that we are making the most out of the waste we are generating.


We will be working through all of the feedback as input into the finalisation of the strategy. We are now passed the half way mark of the consultation period. Don’t miss your chance to provide input by completing the survey on the home page. Or if you have any questions about the project, get in touch by emailing

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