What does the China ban mean for us in Whitehorse?

Published 21 May


The recent China recycling ban has put the spotlight on how Australia is managing, recycling and  the economics around waste. While it presents a challenge for cities across the globe and country, it is great to see that it is leading to greater awareness of what happens to our waste and new ideas for how we can increase our recycling capacity onshore.


It comes as no surprise that this emerging issue is top of mind for many of the people we have spoken to in the last few months. Thankfully, the ban has no short-term impact on Whitehorse and it is still business as usual for our recycling.


We came across this article by the ABC, which gives a well-rounded overview of what the China ban means for Australia in terms of how we recycle and reuse waste.


It begs the question; how should Council address the rising cost of waste management? Around 50 per cent of people we surveyed have said that they’d be willing to pay more to be able to recycle more items such as e-waste (anything with a cord or battery), soft plastics and food waste.


What do you think? Let us know by sharing your ideas and views in our forum.


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