Your Say Whitehorse Data Collection Statement

Whitehorse City Council (“Council”) collects, holds, and manages personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).  The Council and its contractor, OurSay Pty Ltd (“OurSay”) are working together to provide you with access to Your Say Whitehorse, an online engagement portal hosted on the OurSay platform.  This collection statement outlines how the Council will handle any personal information provided during your use of Your Say Whitehorse.

The Council is using the OurSay platform to collect information on various topics directly from the community.  Your Say Whitehorse gives the OurSay consultation community an opportunity to contribute on topics selected by the Council as being relevant to the community.

Participating in the Your Say Whitehorse consultations can be anonymous.  Alternatively, you can register your details with OurSay.  If the Council decides to make responses to a particular topic visible to the general public, then only registered OurSay users will be able to participate.  Council may make this decision to encourage accountability.

To have an OurSay registration, you will need to provide a username, email address and a password.  You may elect to provide further information, such as the year of your birth, country, gender and suburb/postcode or an uploaded profile image or gravatar; this information is optional and not required for your registration.

Your Say Whitehorse contributions will be collected and used by Council officers to identify community issues and develop Council policies.  The Council will collect what you include in your contributions, images you have uploaded or gravatars you use on OurSay.  If you are registered, when it collects your contributions the Council may also see your registration details.

The Council will only use or disclose your personal information as permitted by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, for instance, if it has your consent or if it is required or authorised by the law to do so.

If you use the OurSay platform, OurSay will collect information about you.  To assist with storage of its information OurSay uses a cloud service (or data centre) provider, which is located in Sydney.  OurSay is obliged to comply with privacy laws.  For more information about the types of information that may be collected about you when you use OurSay and OurSay’s privacy policy, please see the OurSay website at

If you wish to access and correct your personal information provided when setting up an account and held by OurSay, you can email your request to  If you wish to access and correct your personal information held by the Council, please contact

You can obtain a copy of the Council’s privacy policy at or from the Customer Service Centre.  For further information on how Council manages privacy, please email

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