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Consultation for Stage 1 is now closed, we are analysing the feedback and information.  Sign up to the project and we will keep you updated.

Over 68,000 vehicles are driven into Box Hill each day (including buses, trams, cars and trucks). Whitehorse Road carries 20,000 vehicles per day. Elgar Road carries over 30,000 per day. Around half of the cars on the road in Box Hill are through traffic, meaning they do not stop in Box Hill and make little contribution to the economic vibrancy or the function of the activity centre. 

Box Hill’s population is expected to double in the next 20 years as is the commercial floorspace available. This will put even more pressure on our roads and public transport network and greatly impact walking and cycling in the area if not properly managed. 

Council is preparing an Integrated Transport Strategy to plan for this growth, emerging uses and multiple travel modes in Box Hill’s future. Council will use this Strategy to facilitate change, will make changes that we can directly control and work with stakeholders and owners to bring about the change needed. 

Without this planning and change, Box Hill is unlikely to remain sustainable, safe and accessible to all. Nor will it remain a distinctive or vibrant, or a place where community chooses to live, work and enjoy.


Use the mapping tool to pinpoint hot spots and opportunities to make your journey to Box Hill easier.

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