Box Hill Integrated Transport Strategy

This consultation has now closed.

The Box Hill Integrated Transport Strategy was adopted by Council on 21 September 2020.

Consultation Completed

The public exhibition for the Draft Box Hill Integrated Transport Strategy ran from 17 March 2020 to
14 June 2020. Thank you to those that have provided feedback.

Feedback Received

A total of 74 submissions were received on the draft Strategy from individuals, community groups and professional stakeholders. 

As part of the online survey, participants were asked to identify gaps and opportunities within the strategy, with 43 participants (out of 72 feedback surveys) providing further comment. This included:

  • 26 participants provided comments relating to existing actions within the Strategy.
  • 9 participants provided new suggestions to contribute to the Strategy.
  • 5 participants provided commentary with no new actions required.
  • 3 participants provided comments outside the scope of the Strategy.

As a result of the feedback received on the Draft Strategy, amendments have been made to the Strategy, such as:

  • Considering the current and emerging effects of COVID19 pandemic and the impacts of physical distancing in relation to transport, including walking and cycling.
  • Prioritising improvements and upgrades to public transport.
  • Providing for the needs of motorcycle users particularly relating to undercover parking
  • Working collaboratively with key stakeholders and land owners.

Full details are available below.

Why is Council doing this?

Council is preparing an Integrated Transport Strategy to plan for the expected growth, emerging uses and multiple travel modes in Box Hill’s future. Council will use this Strategy to facilitate change, we’ll make changes that we can directly control and work with the agencies and owners to bring about the change needed.

Without this planning and change, Box Hill is unlikely to remain sustainable, safe and accessible to all. Nor will it remain a distinctive and vibrant, or a place where community chooses to live, work and enjoy.

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