Domestic Animal Management Plan: Four Year Review

We love our pets in Whitehorse – in fact over a 5th of our residents have registered pets. Pets contribute to our quality of life, but being a pet owner also comes with responsibilities to protect the welfare of our pets, the quality of shared public spaces and the safety our fellow residents and the surrounding wildlife.

Whitehorse City Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan outlines council’s role in managing companion animals, (such as dogs and cats), as well as the responsibilities of pet owners.

Every four years we review our domestic animal plan. As part of the review, we want your thoughts about what we do well and what could we do better.

Council has a role promoting responsible pet ownership and enforcing legislation that needs to balance the needs of both our pet-owners with non-pet owners – so if you are a pet owner, or someone who frequents our parks, reserves and public places, or a resident of Whitehorse – we want to hear from you!

Next steps

Your feedback will help us refine what we do and develop a new four year management plan. You will get another chance to have you say on a draft plan early 2021.

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