Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan

Council seeks community feedback on the draft DAMP 2021-2025.

The draft plan represents Council’s commitment to provide the community with opportunities to shape the 2021 - 25 DAMP regarding provision of services and decisions that may affect you. The draft DAMP is available on this page for you to read and then respond with the short survey if you would like.


About the plan

The draft plan outlines how Council will engage with our community and the services that will be provided over the life of the DAMP. It also explains what was achieved in the 2017-2020 DAMP and outlines some key deliverables.

We recently asked our community and other key stakeholders what was important to them and what Council should focus on.

Community and key stakeholder input, research, requirements of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 as well as sector and industry standards all contributed to the draft plan.

What you told us:

Thank you to everyone who shared your insights about how we can better involve and inform you in planning and decisions that impact you.

We listened to everything you told us and from your feedback we’ve learnt the most important things to you are:

  • Increased enforcement of the legislation, particularly in on lead parks and reserves
  • Education of pet and non-pet owners about pets
  • Provision of fully fenced off lead areas with regular officer attendance
  • Provision of more off lead areas and providing more off lead options e.g. timed off lead
  • Provision of poo bags and bins at Council reserves and enforcement of the pick-up rules
  • Education, review and enforcement of Cat Curfew
  • Nuisance behaviour of dogs and owners in shared open space – both dog Off and On Lead areas


Additionally we learnt that we could:

  • Make it easier for you to provide feedback via a range of methods
  • Promote opportunities for you to provide feedback
  • Work more closely with local community organisations


Next Steps

Your input from this consultation round by completing the Our Say survey will help us revise and finalise the proposed plan. Submissions close at 11:59pm April 30, 2021. We will ask Council to endorse the finalised plan in the latter part of 2021.

Once the plan is endorsed it will be made publicly available on Council’s website.

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