Your Say: Project Voting
Your Say: Project Voting
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Community tree planting project providing technical advice and financial assistance to undertake work on private land.

• Target of 30% revegetation cover is identified in the Regional strategy as a threshold of potential concern for species viability
• Improve the condition and extent of the TEC with buffer planting, infill and understory planting
• Deliver on the Wheatbelt corridor plan – fragmentation is a key controlling variable for species viability in the Regional Strategy
• Australian Government is looking to invest in projects that will protect and enhance on-farm remnant native vegetation, including improving the management of existing remnants, wetlands, rocky outcrops and paddock trees

Wheatbelt NRM will be able to match the community who want to do revegetation with the best strategic outcome for the environment.

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Wheatbelt NRM
1 year ago · 12 votes · 1 comments
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Planting trees is a must. Without trees everything dies. So please, plant trees and more trees.
Eradication of none native invasive weeds is well over due! Our native grasses and plants are being smothered to extinction because we have not and are not doing enough to control these invasive weeds and plants.
Our native insects/animals are paying the price for this slackness.

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Tracey Grussa
1 year ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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