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Optimising Mixed farming systems

The project will bring together expertise to trials and develop new on-farm approaches – including agronomy, developing markets and broadening supply chains. Agricultural diversification may include summer crops, fodder management, tree cropping, Aboriginal farming systems and biological farming.

• Regional strategy recognises that the lack of diversity in Wheatbelt farming enterprises limits the resilience of the system
• Regional strategy identifies climate change as driving down catchment water availability, which will force changes in current farming systems
• NLP2 wants to invest in projects that support industries, farmers and fishers to adopt new management practices that helps them to adjust to market and/or climate variability

Supporting the agronomy of tree and fodder crops is a traditional area of work for Wheatbelt NRM. The proposed outcomes for NLP2 take a systems approach that will let us expand to support the development of the supply chain associated with those systems.

Wheatbelt NRM
10 months ago · 15 votes · 3 comments
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Being a noongar yorga, I feel strongly about revegetating and regenerating our lost lands along our natural water courses. Plant trees, lots and lots of trees.
In aboriginal culture we are taught from when we are born that for us to survive we must look after our boodja (mother earth) everything on it and in it, and she will look after us.
Remember it hardly ever rains in the desert.

Tracey Grussa
10 months ago
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Supply chain development is crucial for market differentiation of Biological farming to give consumers choice and provide market access for farmers using regenerative farming methods

10 months ago
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Be fantastic for Wheatbelt farmers to diversify. Regenerate degraded areas. Begin to change choice of crops and food to grow. Localise and fit thrvregion to become a food bowl and create an amazing and huge and accessible 'farmers market'. This could be an attraction as well as income and jobs.

10 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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