Your Say: Project Voting
Your Say: Project Voting
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Delivering on the Threatened Species Strategy

Using landscape scale planning and targeted landholder engagement to improve the range, extent and population viability of threatened species in the Wheatbelt. Mobilise the community to deliver on the actions in recovery plans for Mallee Fowl, Numbats, Black Flank Rock Wallaby and Chuditch. Likely to include feral control, weed management and habitat improvement via bush land protection and corridor enhancement.

• The Wheatbelt is part of the South West Australian international biodiversity hotspot
• Strong focus in the NLP2 outcomes
• Species viability is one of the big resource issues in the Regional Strategy – the actions identified in various Species recovery plans align with priority actions in our strategy (increase targeted feral animal control, control weeds in native vegetation, improve the connectivity of perennial vegetation systems)

In the last round of NLP, coupled with support from State NRM we demonstrated what can be achieved by the community. Our projects undertaking coordinated predator control around Black Flanked Rock Wallaby habitat and the corridor project in the Mortlock exceeded our expectations – and received national acclaim. We are on a roll and need to keep leading the way for other Regions.

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Wheatbelt NRM
1 year ago · 16 votes · 1 comments
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This is a must. Introduced species wether they be plants or animals have and continue to reek havoc on our native flora and fauna. This is why planting trees is so important it gives our native creatures habitat and food.
Our continual fight to eradicate pests by every one of us has to be ongoing forever.

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Tracey Grussa
1 year ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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