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Your Say: Project Voting
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Citizen science mapping of the Wheatbelt Woodlands

Community ground truth Governments mapping of the TEC Wheatbelt Woodlands. Working from roadside and on public land. Data is provided to local government to assist them with their biodiversity management including roadside vegetation management. Data is provided to Australian Government to assist with the management of the TEC.

• The listing of the TEC is quite new with land managers currently unaware if their bushland is part of the TEC
• Ground truthing of high level data has never been carried out on the TEC, even collecting photos would improve the management
• Wheatbelt NRM’s long term approach of getting the community active in NRM needs to include work that enables those that don’t own land

Wheatbelt NRM has the ecologists and the communications skills to develop a process for the community to use to do an initial assessment of a bush block. A central process would deliver Quality Assurance and Quality Control as well as data management. There are over 3000 association members of Wheatbelt NRM that could create the workforce for this project.

We already have some benchmarking work that identifies ‘good examples’ of various vegetation communities that form part of the TEC (Baselining project 2015-08).

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Wheatbelt NRM
1 year ago · 15 votes · 1 comments
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

One thing that saddens me is when I see roadside verges being over cleared when roads are graded or new fences are put in, grasses, shrubs, and trees all get taken out for no good reason. These roadside verges are very often the only place where a lot of our native plants, insects and animals can and do live because a lot of landowners clear every space on their property without any regard to the damage they are doing to not only the environment but everything that lives in it and on it.

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Tracey Grussa
1 year ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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