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Building the volunteer base

Run annual community volunteering activities/ experiences – BioBlitz, school planting days, tree planting days, Noongar Womens Camp. Set up a volunteers list that is connected to Local Landcare groups, to access volunteers and offer volunteering activities.

• Overarching strategy in current three year plan is “…have 25% of the community actively improving the environmental of the Wheatbelt…”. Need to keep expanding the opportunities for the community to participate - beyond those managing farms
• We get calls from people wanting to know how they can volunteer and we know we can improve in this area
• Many Local Landcare groups could do with some young “arms and legs” to get things done
• Acknowledge X and Y gens are less likely to join governance structures of groups – but they will volunteer

One of the most important services that the Regional Group does for the community is Strategic planning, we always want input, but it is much harder to get if large sections of the community aren’t active in the work.

Volunteering creates social good as well – commit/act/belong. It is a good way to get youth involved, who don’t own land.

Wheatbelt NRM
10 months ago · 13 votes · 3 comments
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

Anything that build an understanding for the youth around us and builds life long interests and skills like the old Naturalist Society or the Gould League for local people and has them engage positively in the local environment is worthwhile.

Peta Newbound
9 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

Aboriginal women's camp is another important activity. Our noongar elders have so much to offer our young generation it is a must continue be held.
As is BioBlitz etc .
Volunteers are very important in all communities.

Tracey Grussa
10 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

This initiative will also build knowledge and enthusiasm in the community.

Lucy Honan
10 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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