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Aboriginal people doing work on country

Continue to support the Aboriginal Rangers team by seeking contract labour opportunities to work on country delivering NRM with Wheatbelt NRM, Shires and other land managers. Wheatbelt NRM manages the team including supplying training, supervision and equipment.

• Key strategy in the Noongar Boodja document – employment working on country
• Elders advisory group sees NRM as a way to help youth maintain their connection to country
• Strengthens the relationships within the NRM community to allow for sharing of traditional knowledge
• Creates a flexible workforce for delivering on ground NRM projects

Noongar Boodja Rangers are already up and running, they have had 50 workdays in the past year involving 30 different participants. The team has proven its value and is starting to win contracts for work outside of Wheatbelt NRM.

Wheatbelt NRM
10 months ago · 18 votes · 2 comments
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This is a great initiative! Noongar employment out on country is very important for our people as it will help build strong self esteem, confidence, self worth, pride, and respect which is the core to good mental health, all the while looking after mother earth.
Its a win, win situation.

Tracey Grussa
10 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

A real priority in our Wheatbelt area. Sharing of knowledge, maintenance of country and culture. Would love to see expand into aboriginal enterprises and jobs.

10 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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