Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt
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Wheatbelt NRM Noongar Budjar Rangers – recruitment and communications Scope

“Aboriginal people doing NRM ‘work on country’ within the Avon River Basin region on sites that are significant to the Aboriginal community”
This is currently not a ‘work for the dole’ opportunity

Rangers Model has it stand currently in the Phase 1 Building section which basically allows us to do some on the job training and work experience in a range of fields all though it’s not full time work its more seasonal or even daily work when project are provided. These projects give the rangers culturally important site work and we provide them with the appropriate equipment to fulfil the task needed.

Phase 2 the grow section will allow us the opportunity to work closely with other agencies and up skill our rangers in various areas and will allow accredited training in those areas. It will also allow us to contract the rangers with other agencies like the Shire, SWALC, DAA, and other NRM programs, This Phase will give us opportunities to work closely with Farmers and Mining site.

The final stage phase 3 the support section gives us the ability to release the program with guidance and possibility of long term contracts with other funding bodies and possibility of rangers creating their own small businesses and the chance of full time ranger type work and multiple contracts.

Jermaine Davis
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