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This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better WheatbeltNRM for everyone.

Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt

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Wheatbelt NRM wants you to submit an idea, or vote on others, to help prioritise how funding should be spent on the waterways, bushland, farms and towns in the Wheatbelt.

We believe the community is best placed to inform management of their natural resources. We want to hear what measures you think will best determine its management over the next 5 years.

Wheatbelt NRM worked with community to develop a strategy for our natural resources, and we have been working with community in achieving that for over 20 years.

Our previous efforts have sought to address the following issues:

  • Biodiversity & Vegetation Decline
  • Biosecurity & Feral Management
  • Climate & Weather Concerns
  • Environmental Pollution & Recycling
  • Farm Sustainability/Production
  • Soil Resource Health
  • Water Conservation & Supply
  • Waterways Degradation & Management

We encourage you to visit our NRM Strategy for the Avon River Basin, view our past projects and have YOUR SAY BELOW -  is there is something we need to add? Does the whole approach need a re-think? What have we learnt? How would you create a vibrant environment and livelihood in the Avon River Basin?


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5 days ago

Entering Wubin, from the north on the Great Northern Highway, there is a drain (which takes away the water from the town area and directs it into the bush) on the railway side that is full of Lovegrass and is a complete mess (a real disgrace). It would be great to have it tidied up and given some TLC so that it creates an attractive entrance environment to the town. A brook could be created from this drainage area (in a rockery- type fashion) to meander underneath the Wubin-Mullewa Road and across to Gunyidi-Wubin Road and appropriate native species planted to beautify the area.

5 days ago

Aboriginal youth engagement in NRM activities

The Wheatbelt NRM Elders Advisory Group would like to see a focus on projects that engage Aboriginal youth in NRM activities and training that lead to a career pathway in caring for country. We see Aboriginal youth losing their connection to country and culture and we believe that an opportunity exists in NRM to help guide these young people into careers that help them care for their land, increase ecological knowledge and gain skills and training in caring for country.

1 day ago

A total farm mapping project, where the farm is mapped for differing soil and geographical characteristics. Experts then work with the grower to develop a plan for the whole farm system, identifying areas for biological mitigation, mechanical mitigation and alternative plantings for forage or other uses aimed at increasing soil health and profitability.

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