Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt
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Improving the ability of native species to thrive in and move across the fragmented landscape of the Avon River Basin.

Providing in the paddock technical support to landholders across the region and using a strategic approach to enhance the natural values of the landscape. Maintaining, and where possible improving, farm gate profit. Supporting landholders to secure remnant bushland through fencing, addressing feral animal & weed threats and undertaking strategic revegetation activities. Ensuring that landholders have the ability to access the right knowledge and skills at vital times throughout the life of their project to improve the success of on-ground activities. Including property-wide feral animal control options to improve the protection of remnant vegetation values, help farm production at the landscape scale and increase the ability of native species to move between remnant vegetation patches. Valuing those things that make the Wheatbelt unique - its why we choose live here.

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