Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt
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Farm Sustainability/Production - Trials & Demonstrations

On-farm trial and demonstration projects that allow growers to explore innovative farming practices across both small and large scale sites. Practices fall into four main theme areas of improved cropping management, grazing systems, agroforestry and soil health initiatives. The Farm Practice Change Model is at the foundation of the project, with trial and demonstration sites used to drive peer to peer learnings. This is supported by a sophisticated extension strategy including field days/workshops/digital and traditional media/training opportunities and provision of peer mentor and technical expert based advice.

Felicity gilbert
1 year ago · 2 votes · 1 comments
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

Under this heading, Ladies leading in Ag Event participants broke down the things they are most interested in trialing and placed votes on them. Results were:
pasture/cropping/summer pastures - 7 votes
soil improvement - 7 votes
Agroforestry - 0 votes
trailing new practice/new technology - 2 votes

Felicity Gilbert
1 year ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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