Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt
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Farm Sustainability/Production - Nutrient Management

2The provision of skills and knowledge to growers to enable them to optimise their nutrient management for soil health, water quality and agricultural production. Fertilisers account for around 25% of production costs in most crop based businesses yet modelling has suggested that the Wheatbelt has the potential to reduce nitrogen loads by up to 17% and Phosphorous by up to 31% without loss in yield or crop quality. Better understanding of nutrient loads has the potential to substantially reduce the cost of fertiliser application while also reducing the leakage of these nutrients into the Swan River catchment.

The project will include a peer mentoring program and provide training in the use of decision support tools and technological advances that will enable growers to better interpret soil testing results and guide soil management.

Felicity gilbert
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