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Farm Sustainability/Production - Mixed Farming

What on-farm changes are required to improve productivity in mixed farm systems? This project will take a whole of system approach to mixed farming enterprises investigating stock, crop, pasture and forage management approaches to improve soil health, address spring and autumn feed gaps and mitigate financial risk to growers through mixed revenue streams. This project includes and multidisciplinary scientific review to establish the economic, social and environmental context of mixed farming systems, and will analyse the results of previous R&D investments to identify prospects for more effective crop-livestock integration. The project will bring together researchers, grower groups, peer mentors and advisors to provide expertise in trialing new on-farm solutions.

Felicity gilbert
1 year ago · 8 votes · 1 comments
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At a workshop with growers held in Goomalling 13 Oct, 12 votes were placed on this project, the second largest number on the day.

Felicity Gilbert
1 year ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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