Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt
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Education of Roadside aka Verge vegetation. For too long there have been far too many trees shrubs and under story plants being sprayed mulched, squashed graded mowed off burnt, removed illegally by road builders and the machines used Too many plants have been hacked out by the machine drivers through ignorance and a don't care attitude as most relate to the beautiful flora of Western Australia as just scrub and it will grow back but what grows back are weeds.

Denise French
11 months ago · 4 votes · 1 comments
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Road verges are often the only remnant of a wildlife corridor, we have experience in the shire of Pingelly where roadside vegetation has been totally removed to allow large machinery access. I can understand the issue but partial minimal cut back and a reveg program to restore some areas may create more awareness coupled with some signage.

roland dixon
10 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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