Your Say: Shaping NRM in the Wheatbelt
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CITIZEN SCIENCE - I believe that WNRM has a role to play in the encouragement of citizen science. The two most obvious past/present examples of this are weather records and bird data bases.

There are enormous gaps in our knowledge of the environment - even in base data. There is also an untapped talent and knowledge in the community that could be used to close some of these gaps - particularly in the case of retired people who have the time and expertise available. Two current studies that are taking place at the moment are testing the riparian soils in Northam and measuring the depth of the Northam Town river pool to see how it has changed since the last survey in 2011. The first is being performed by a retired geologist and the second by 3rd year university students.

A host of other studies could be undertaken such as on the algae in the Avon River, water quality testing, macroinvertebrae studies, effect of salinity changes on the birdlife and so on. The list could be endless.

I am suggesting that WNRM may have a role in encouraging and coordinating this kind of activity.

peter weatherly
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