Wheatbelt NRM wants you to submit an idea, or vote on others, to help prioritise how funding should be spent on the waterways, bushland, farms and towns in the Avon River Basin.

We encourage you to visit our NRM Strategy for the Avon River Basin, view our past projects and have YOUR SAY BELOW -  is there is something we need to add? Does the whole approach need a re-think? What have we learnt? How would you create a vibrant environment and livelihood in the Avon River Basin?

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What is your main issue of concern for the Wheatbelt?

  • Biodiversity & Vegetation Decline: 27

  • Biosecurity & Feral Management: 39

  • Climate & Weather Concerns: 29

  • Environmental Pollution & Recycling: 48

  • Farm Sustainability/Production: 45

  • Soil Resource Health: 79

  • Water Conservation & Supply: 126 

  • Waterways Degradation & Management: 85

  • No selection: 16

Survey Responses

Number of submissions: 499

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