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12 months ago

Raise the wall at Wyangala. the Lachlan River needs security and reliability of water. The Lachlan Valley has some of the poorest levels of water security and reliability in the nsw in terms of regulated/licensed irrigation and urban water supply. The region was dramatically impacted by the millennium drought. WaterNSW is currently undertaking a detailed study on how to improve water security and reliability
in this valley. What is happening with this study? It has been years. Please please please try and move a little faster on this. Build a new dam. Improve the dam. Raise the wall.

1 year ago

I would suggest that all calls to WaterNSW staff members be returned within 48 hours. I have left many many messages and have not once had my call returned. Customer service is very poor.

11 months ago

G'day Everyone.

1. I believe if Local Government (Councils) and the NSW government should have to agree 100% on the location for all commercial water extraction for bottled water in that LGA (Local Government Area). This would ensure that the state government and local government agree with the residents that live in our beautiful state. If there is not an agreement then there should be a dispute resolution process agreed to by both parties.

2. All water extraction should be transparent and logs should be automated and displayed on the Water NSW or a similar website in real time or every ...

1 year ago

How often are Dam levels updated on your website?

11 months ago


We have a local water problem regarding water mining on one property close to us (Rowlands Creek Road / Uki NSW 2484). The whole community is against it, but there is nothing we can do to stop it. This is not fair for our community or the future of water locally, in NSW and Australia. One person gets to extract water, yet the whole community does not like this. How is this fair and just. Please consider what you are doing here & the future of our water. Thank you.

1 year ago

My idea, as crazy as it might seem, is to actually have some water in our river. Helping us get some water to run down the Darling River would be Great ... We are soon going to have a large black pipe coming from the Murray at Wentworth for Broken Hill. This is sure to boost tourism in the area .. yeh ?
Does this mean we will never see water running in the Darling again ? ... kiss the tourists goodbye xx
What about Menindee, Pooncarie, Wilcannia or any one south of Bourke wanting to drink, wash, fish, water animals, birds or wildlife ?
We are regional and remote we don't have theme park...

1 year ago

Permanent flows down the low darling below Burke to Wentworth... it is a river so wouldn't think this would be too difficult. Thank you.

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