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This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better Rural City of Wangaratta for everyone.

Our Road Map – Council Plan 2017-2021

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Our Road Map is the document that guides Council spending and priorities. We want this Council’s plan to be driven by the community, which is why we are asking you:

What is the change you want to make for you, for your family, for your community?

Tell us below by clicking the 'submit your idea' button. You can also vote for ideas by pressing the 'vote' button. All registered users have 7 votes to put towards the ideas they support. To submit an idea, we will ask you to provide an email, postcode and your gender so we can ensure community participation is as representative as possible and to inform you about future steps in this process. This data is not shared with third parties. 

Following the first round of consultation in February, Council will then hold a second round of consultation in April, before developing a draft plan for review.



  • Prefer to talk in person? Come along to the Wangaratta Library between 15 February - 15 March to tell us what change you would like to see for you , your family and your community.
  • Email your idea to: myidea@oursay.org

Responding to your ideas

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9 months ago

2 lanes able to turn right into Cranbourne road from Lee street

9 months ago

A roundabout at the intersection of Williams Road and Phillipson Street to relieve traffic congestion during school times.

9 months ago

An environmentally focussed city achieved by making it bike friendly, a programming of greening the city, and extending solar energy wherever feasibile to make it energy self sufficient.

8 months ago

Please may we finally look after pedestrians within our city precinct?
We need pedestrian priority crossings in Ovens Street between Woolworths and the walkway to the underground carpark,
near the roundabout on the corner of the old Highway and Ford Street, near the roundabout on the corner of Ovens and Rowan Streets, between the Post Office and Ely Street. We also need to extend the time the pedestrian section of the traffic lights shows green. We are not all capable of sprinting to cross with a continuing green light.

8 months ago

I live out at Greta and would love to see the function area of the sports complex upgraded. Currently the sports complex is too small to hold a function. The Greta hall is larger but the toilets are very poor and don't have a disabled facility. The hall also has inadequate heating to hold a function during the winter months. Whitfield has a fabulous function space and would love to see something similar at Greta.
Thanks for taking the time to consult the community

8 months ago

The King Valley is a popular destination, but getting there is terrible. People with nice cars do not want to drive on the Wangaratta-Whitfield Road the way it is. The road needs wider shoulders! If the shoulder incorporated a cycling lane, then that would be even better still (I don't cycle, but have respect for giving them a wide berth).
What is really needed is an on and off ramp on the Wangaratta-Whitfield Road to the Hume Freeway.
- Stock trucks could more easily access the Hume Freeway and bypass the town centre.
- vehicles coming from the King Valley heading north could also bypass the...

8 months ago

I was dismayed that a Council that values consultation and transparency was readily able to admit that the level of consultation re the Waldara Low Density Residential Precinct – Background Report was more ‘informing’ than consulting.
Incredibly the Waldara Strategic Drainage Plan(June 2015) was deemed an 'internal technical document' that did not go out for public consultation. The drainage plan that will clearly impact land-owners financial and physical safety was not considered worthy of consultation??
Selective transparency and informed consultation.

Council Opined: (see below...

8 months ago

More Rubbish tins along walking and cycling paths with POO bags to help keep these areas clean please.

8 months ago

As a working person in Wangaratta who uses all day car parking at Sydney Beach, I would like to see more car parks made available, as by late morning there are no parks left, also the 2 hour parking on the upper level for the cafes is usually full.
I have also seen many near accidents where the corner narrows dramatically without warning. Most of the silver posts have been hit, and there is tall grass opposite. People walk up the road after parking, and with such a narrow road, it is quite dangerous as cars back out.

8 months ago

An off lead fenced dog park, with rubbish tins, poo bags and agility obstacles would be great.

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