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This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better Rural City of Wangaratta for everyone.

Our Road Map – Council Plan 2017-2021

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Our Road Map is the document that guides Council spending and priorities. We want this Council’s plan to be driven by the community, which is why we are asking you:

What is the change you want to make for you, for your family, for your community?

Tell us below by clicking the 'submit your idea' button. You can also vote for ideas by pressing the 'vote' button. All registered users have 7 votes to put towards the ideas they support. To submit an idea, we will ask you to provide an email, postcode and your gender so we can ensure community participation is as representative as possible and to inform you about future steps in this process. This data is not shared with third parties. 

Following the first round of consultation in February, Council will then hold a second round of consultation in April, before developing a draft plan for review.



  • Prefer to talk in person? Come along to the Wangaratta Library between 15 February - 15 March to tell us what change you would like to see for you , your family and your community.
  • Email your idea to: myidea@oursay.org

Responding to your ideas

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9 months ago

40 k speed limit throughout the CBD of Wangaratta. This is already in force in a green Street in front of the hospital on a permanent basis. And in Riley Street morning and afternoon in school time. Ovens Street on a permanent basis past St Patrick's School. The precedent is set all we need is an extension to take in the total central business district. E.g. CBD

9 months ago

Around 10 - 15 years ago there was talk regarding removing the bike track from around the oval at the showgrounds and building a state of three art track towards the back...lets stop talking about pools and talk abouts events (Vic Cycling for example) guaranteed events. Vic Cycling pulled out the carnival weekend because of the state of the track...I was embarrassed. The Sam Miranda winery event attracts thousands of people...riders, families, cycling teams and interest from small local businesses that benefit from these events, not to mention the Sun Herald tour recently.

Wangaratta has two type...

9 months ago

I would dearly love to be able to walk down a street, without having to cross the road, to find a continuing footpath.
all around wangarrati run out of a footpath and as it runs outs need to cross the road to continue walking.
why is this
so would like more damn footpaths.

9 months ago

We have a fantastic bike track in Wangaratta which can pretty much take you from one side to the side of town.
I would like to see more rubbish bins & maybe some taps to refill water bottles established along the bike track. This would also well accompany the outdoor gym equipment that has already been added along the bike track.
We would see less littering if there were more bins.
A cleaner more user friendly Wangaratta

8 months ago

Keep HACC services with the council, it provides jobs for locals and provides a fantastic service for the elderly and disabled, employees and clients think there's no better run service

8 months ago

"Create a local law to prohibit transports, v-doubles, stock trucks from using Parfitt Road, Murphy and Ryley Streets, each day of the week between 8am-6pm. Encourage vehicles entering and exiting storage warehouses and business houses to use the nearest Hume Freeway interchange.

8 months ago

As a Parkinson's sufferer who needs (and loves) to walk the many walking tracks throughout Wangaratta, I see a great need for park seating. There are very few within parks around my area (Yarrunga) - I'm unable to go for nice leisurely walks because of the lack of rest stops. Also, it would assist enjoyment and bring more people to the tracks if there were some foot bridges over narrower parts of the creeks. This would link both sides of the creeks and make it a more variable walk. Thankyou.

8 months ago

Hi , as expected there has been some negative comments about the proposal to convert Mahoneys place to a green space with out cars.I think it`s a good idea. My suggestion is that it could also be a place that acknowledges Wangaratta`s musical heritage in some way be it a mural, sculpture or via qtag technology. I recently visited Redcliffe a suburb of Brisbane which had converted a lane to the memory of the BEE GEEs who made their start there. They used photos , sculpture and music to tell their story. Our most famous musican to live here is Nick cave. It was in boring old Wangaratta that he discove...

8 months ago

FREE camping/ caravan areas with dump points. Caravaners bring money to the town the longer they stay and the cheaper the accommodation the more you get and if you look at other towns it doesn't take away from traditional parks it Does bring in far more $$$$$$$$

Open the showground to caravans, add a dump point, will bring in money for the showground when normally empty . Again look at other towns. Caravaners can add millions of$$$$$$ to your budget.

9 months ago

I think the coucil should put in more footpaths, enough so in each residential street there is at least one footpath on one of the sides of the road. I also believe that with every new estate there should be a by law, that they need to include parks and green areas, as well as footpaths and roads.

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