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This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better Rural City of Wangaratta for everyone.

Our Road Map – Council Plan 2017-2021

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Our Road Map is the document that guides Council spending and priorities. We want this Council’s plan to be driven by the community, which is why we are asking you:

What is the change you want to make for you, for your family, for your community?

Tell us below by clicking the 'submit your idea' button. You can also vote for ideas by pressing the 'vote' button. All registered users have 7 votes to put towards the ideas they support. To submit an idea, we will ask you to provide an email, postcode and your gender so we can ensure community participation is as representative as possible and to inform you about future steps in this process. This data is not shared with third parties. 

Following the first round of consultation in February, Council will then hold a second round of consultation in April, before developing a draft plan for review.



  • Prefer to talk in person? Come along to the Wangaratta Library between 15 February - 15 March to tell us what change you would like to see for you , your family and your community.
  • Email your idea to: myidea@oursay.org

Responding to your ideas

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8 months ago

The Council should prioritise the continuity and constant improvement of our library services. The library provides a wonderful, accessible resource centre for all ages and stages of life, addressing information research needs, literacy, recreational reading, and in a range of media. . It engages and involves the entire community from small children to seniors and is more relevant and necessary than ever for promoting learning, social engagement and the sheer pleasure of reading. It could do even better with more resourcing and must be better funded.

9 months ago

My suggestion is for council to formally express it's support for marriage equality on Australia.

9 months ago

Develop the Ovens river at Sydney beach to create a family friendly and safe swimming area. Facilities such as a jetty, partially enclosed safe swimming area, rope swing, slide, and change rooms/toilets. This could be part of the overall acquatic strategy so that a free swimming facility could be provided for residents and tourists. Being close to the CBD, this facility could be well utilised by both local residents, tourists and other visitors in an easily accessible location.

9 months ago

get rid of parking meters ,would make the town more shopper friendly,money saved on maintaining devices can be put towards our new pool

8 months ago

In addition to continuous footpaths in better condition, what about some zebra crossings where cars MUST stop to promote safety and a greater focus on pedestrians? Currently this is sorely lacking in the CBD.

9 months ago

"Roadmap for Wangaratta in general but especially the children. Make the Swan Street Olympic pool and the Barr Reserve Pools separate entities. Each under separate governance. With proactive management the Swan Street Olympic pool can become a summer time entertaining centre. For the rural city of Wangaratta. With innovative promotion I could imagine 200+ children's birthday parties being held at the pool each year. Shaded areas with shade cloth and multiple movable tables and chairs we could have a situation where birthday parties and other celebrations need to book This centrally and visually locat...

8 months ago

"All councils of recent times have been CBD centric and have paid scant attention to the most pressing problem in the community,….ROADS. Firstly the council road policy ends up by saying ….if we have no money we do not have to do anything and that is about the level of attention givenby council. Rural (ex CBD) rates, ie council income, is higher than CBD rates & it is about time Rural residents got a decent return. We do not use any CBD facility such as pools, reserves, library, arts centre & are sick of hearing of increased loans to pay for such facilities. Increased loan payments mean less inco...

8 months ago

To continue the rail trail from Oxley to Moyhu as Stage 1 then then up to Cheshunt Stage 2

8 months ago

To Whom it May Concern,
Dear Councillors,
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit our ideas on the future of Wangaratta, which is a great place to live!
You will find attached a precis of a letter I wrote in 2016 to Irene Grant just before the election of new councillors, which pertains to the Wangaratta Art Gallery and aspects of the CBD Masterplan.
4 Gayer Avenue
Wangaratta Vic 3677

Wangaratta Art Gallery

I am writing to you as the Administrator holding the Arts Culture and Heritage Portfolio and providing copies for the other Administrators and some staff as list below.

9 months ago


RCoW Policy is Rural households do not receive the green organics bin because Council understands rural households are already undertaking great initiatives … Composting and worm farms are great way to recycle food and garden waste. Residents are encouraged to compost their grass clippings and food scraps. Compost is not only an excellent means for enriching gardens soils, it also reduces the amount of garbage going to landfill. Worm farms are a great option for households that have food waste but minimal green waste.
Great advice but NO education program, NO incentives ...

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