Our Road Map – Council Plan 2017-2021
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"Roadmap for Wangaratta in general but especially the children. Make the Swan Street Olympic pool and the Barr Reserve Pools separate entities. Each under separate governance. With proactive management the Swan Street Olympic pool can become a summer time entertaining centre. For the rural city of Wangaratta. With innovative promotion I could imagine 200+ children's birthday parties being held at the pool each year. Shaded areas with shade cloth and multiple movable tables and chairs we could have a situation where birthday parties and other celebrations need to book This centrally and visually located asset is prime for development into a spectacular must visit entertainment and recreational facility. With outdoor movies, laser light shows, Internet connectivity, Punch and Judy puppet entertainment, shuttlecock, half sized table tennis table. Brick wall tennis facility, basketball and netball rings and the list goes on and on of available noncontact sports and entertainment.

Brian Fox
1 month ago · 18 votes · 3 comments
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Why can't we gave a facility that can do both? A new 50m pool at Barr Reserve could be the family friendly entertainment hub you suggest. It would provide options for families of all demographics and ages and be close at hand to a large number of current facilities giving families a convenient option for recreation after their organised sporting commitments.

Sue Synnot
1 week ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

On the "Our Road Map" info it states- 1 in 7 people in Wangaratta are obese. This is truly shocking. Swimming is an activity which is safe for the over weight and for those with a disability. The water supports the body. I support this idea because a community facility that is more about encouraging fun activity rather than competition swimming would be a valuable resource council could use to encourage more physical activity in Wangaratta's population.

1 week ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

Maybe also look at free or low cost entry, then run a decent kiosk/coffee shop to generate the income to offset any shortfall.

Steve Johnston
3 weeks ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

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