Our Road Map – Council Plan 2017-2021
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RCoW Policy is Rural households do not receive the green organics bin because Council understands rural households are already undertaking great initiatives … Composting and worm farms are great way to recycle food and garden waste. Residents are encouraged to compost their grass clippings and food scraps. Compost is not only an excellent means for enriching gardens soils, it also reduces the amount of garbage going to landfill. Worm farms are a great option for households that have food waste but minimal green waste.
Great advice but NO education program, NO incentives implemented by Council more than 18 months on - perhaps Council could consider a program, such as the one run by Macedon Ranges Shire Council to assist communities
Break it Down Worm Farm and Compost Bin Rebate Program
The above link also provides a guide to Worm Farming and Composting

Paper & Cardboard are number one when it comes to recycling; unfortunately, Cardboard is bulky and with convenient access to the Whitfield Transfer Station no longer available for example, burning is the preferred option in the Community.
Council suggested they were looking at Recycling options for the King Valley Community, but 12 months on we don’t appear to have made any progress :(

Delia Jackson
9 months ago · 20 votes · 2 comments
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I agree with the above. I would also like council to also provide the organic recycling bins to households outside the CBD. I don't understand the assumption that rural properties don't require these as well. Considering the amount of garden refuse dumped on or near some of our properties, which encourages the growth of noxious weeds, we should have this option available.

Bobbie Titcher
8 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

Tell the community about the positive impacts of the green organics bins to demonstrate why they are a good idea!!

Tammy Smith
9 months ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

Tell your friends!

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