Our Road Map – Council Plan 2017-2021
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"All councils of recent times have been CBD centric and have paid scant attention to the most pressing problem in the community,….ROADS. Firstly the council road policy ends up by saying ….if we have no money we do not have to do anything and that is about the level of attention givenby council. Rural (ex CBD) rates, ie council income, is higher than CBD rates & it is about time Rural residents got a decent return. We do not use any CBD facility such as pools, reserves, library, arts centre & are sick of hearing of increased loans to pay for such facilities. Increased loan payments mean less income to pay for infrastructure. Frankly the failures in the CBD are due to bad business, lack of service & overcharging. Time & again I have priced a basket of goods & purchased 30 to 40% cheaper in Albury as against Wang. Others I understand go to Benalla before Wang. Working for the community includes the rural area & the council need make a hard decision on putting rural roads first"

Neil Neil
3 weeks ago · 14 votes · 3 comments
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I agree with the above comment in relation to road maintenance outside the CBD. Even when reported it can take weeks for damaged roads to be repaired with the risk of damage to vehicles and potential accidents. Also, logging truck companies have been informed that they can only use certain roads but this has not been enforced and there have been several near misses.

Bobbie Titcher
1 week ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.


Tamarine Tuesley
2 weeks ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

Couldn't agree more! It's about time the Rural Residents got something for the considerable amount of money they pay in Rates. Every time we see money wasted on the countless patches of asphalt within the cbd & city limits (that will quickly be ruined & re-done), all while we cannot even seem to get our roads graded, it makes our blood boil. Perhaps we should all withhold our Rate payments until Council starts appreciating the valuable & considerable contribution they make to the coffers - payment for services rendered - no service - no payment!

Linda Simpson
3 weeks ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

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