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This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better Rural City of Wangaratta for everyone.

Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan

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What does a healthy community look like to you?

We've added the 20 actions that have come from out of our draft Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and would love to get your thoughts.

Making sure people are healthy and well is a shared responsibility. Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 all local government authorities in Victoria are required to develop Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans within 12 months of each general election of the council.

The Rural City of Wangaratta is currently developing our new plan that will inform, shape and develop positive health and wellbeing outcomes for our community over the next 4 years. 

Do you think we're on the right track? We encourage members of our community to review the document and provide feedback here.

Responding to your ideas

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8 months ago

I use some services provided by Council. They are not well run or monitored. I would like to see an independent team overseeing how the workers of the Aged & Disability portfolio deliver their services.
e,g mowing lawns leaving the area a bigger mess than when they came; home help arriving much earlier than the agreed on time and expecting a disabled/elderly person to be ready at any time the worker decides to turn up.
I don't think Wangaratta as a whole has any real respect or understanding of aged/ disabled residents.
P.S. get all the crap off the footpaths - chairs, tables, signs, racks e...

8 months ago

Parking Fines!!
I know of occasions where Volunteers at North East Health have received parking fines while on duty for this community, even for 5 mins overtime.
I think this is completely wrong as the community and the hospital, rely on these people to help out at no expense to to the Hospital, Council or Public, a great majority if not all the volunteers are retired and pensioners. These people give their time and money to volunteer ( some up to 20 years and more) and get nothing but the satisfaction of helping people in need in this community.
Surely with proof that the people are on dut...

8 months ago

Central business district speed limit 30 K.
We are an aging society and putting pedestrian crossings here and there only exacerbate the problem of pedestrian safety lower the speed limit. Even at 30 K is it cannot take more than two minutes extra from one end of the CBD to the other.

8 months ago

A healthy community consists of good movers and shakers with support of residents to bring the sports,exercise,recreation ,health programs, to be available to as many residents as financially possible.The community also has to have a viable work places good shopping area and sound and sustainable farming .The 3 and 5 am closing of clubs needs to go back to midnight closing to reduce the crime rate.The summer program put on by the council is a good way of bring the local communities together.We must continually improve our hospital and all the other health services.We have to try and change the mobile...

8 months ago

This is probably a very novel idea. I've read your document online. I'm one of the few people here in Whitfield who have good internet access.
Idea 1. hassle Telstra to put in a tower in Whitfield so people have access to mobile phones then they will be able to access the internet on the phone.
This way they may be able to read your document.

idea 2. in relation to the part ' Continue to develop infrastructure that supports physical activity – walking tracks, exercise equipment, etc;

Support the prevention of family violence by taking a zero tolerance stance;


8 months ago

Affordable accomodation for our homeless and low paid, people on pensions and welfare recipients are not bludgers in the main they deserve our help to get decent living conditions. That might help those with chronic health and mental welfare issues. That a country as well off as we are can leave the vunerable to live on the streets is appalling, rates are high enough. I would rather you help them than build a new bike path, and I love to cycle.

8 months ago

Voluntary Gold coin entry to Docker Street library and Swan Street Olympic swimming pool.
Reading enhances the brain swimming enhances the brain and the body,

8 months ago

Finally implement the Off Lead Dog Park

8 months ago

We need more welfare officers/ home helps checking on the frail elderly in their own homes. Not all have family, friends or other supports in the area. I would rather have this than a new pool or wasting money on other things. These people have contributed to society taxes and rates and we abandon them as surplus to requirements when they get old.

8 months ago

Continue to develop bike/walking paths away from vehicular traffic to enable and encourage community members to be active in pleasant surroundings. Those already along our waterways already do this but need linkages and extensions.

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