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This is a place for community members to provide valuable input into plans that will help shape a better Rural City of Wangaratta for everyone.

Our Roadmap First Cut

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After receiving almost 400 comments in the first round of consultation, the Rural City of Wangaratta has prepared the first cut of Our Road Map (the Council Plan 2017-2021)

Click here to read the First Cut of our Council Plan

Once you've read it, tell us what you think below and/or vote on other people's comments. 

There are also a number of sessions being held where you can tell the Councillors your thoughts face to face. To view the list of times and location, click the document library below.

Responding to your ideas

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    Rural City of Wangaratta

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1 year ago

Divert trucks from CBD (with a second river crossing maybe?) to make our CBD safer and more pedestrian friendly.

1 year ago

The 3 summary points (below) of 'Wangaratta Our Say' below are interwoven into the same challenge of encouraging population growth.
A steady population growth with timely provision of adequate infrastructure is a key feature of vibrant/progressive Cities.

Change is the only constant in order to grow and develop communities.

Success brings success to Cities with population growth.

Perception is reality for future 'homeowners' looking for an environment that provides physical and financial safety , job security and ongoing opportunities to grow and develop family.

1 year ago

Leave Ovens Street as is. Better still, get rid of the stupid extra wide path in front of toyworld and put more parks in.

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