The Finnish Society of Melbourne is a non-profit organisation planning to build a community Sauna at the Finnish House in Altona on its premises. Sauna is a very integral part of the Finnish culture, and it is proven to have considerable positive effects on the well-being of one’s mind, body and soul. The Finnish Society would like nothing more than to introduce and share the social and health benefits of traditional Finnish Sauna culture to the local community and for the wider Finnish community in Melbourne. Building of a community Sauna is a project long overdue. It has been requested for by our members, and we have also had interest from the local community. When finished, the Sauna will complement other services in the area, such as the local swimming school etc. The Finnish society is seeking to open up the doors of the Finnish house to the local population and to offer the community a place to relax and rejuvenate in. Building of the Sauna is due to begin in September 2016 and will be finished by the end of the year. The Sauna will be available for everyone; individuals, companies, families or other small groups for a small fee. Let the relaxation begin!

user picture Tanja Tuominen · 1 year ago · 129 votes · 11 comments
Oh please yes.
Karen Piippo · 1 year ago
I definitely support this!
Ian Burness · 1 year ago
A sauna, yes.
Heikki Harli · 1 year ago
Tiina Huttu-Vallis · 1 year ago
It is needed by all Finns living in Melbourne
Markku Ikonen · 1 year ago
Yaaassss! ⚪️
Sarah Ryan · 1 year ago
Definately needed!
Katarina Aikio · 1 year ago
I can't wait to go to a Finnish sauna in Melbourne! Great idea
Annabel Järvinen · 1 year ago
Hyvä Suomi !!!
Jaakko Ponsi · 1 year ago
This is needed because the commercial saunas are not true to our culture. And it is the same in Estonia, Lithuanian and Latvian communities.
Paula Walin-Bates · 1 year ago
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