Snuff Puppets are building new puppets! Founded in a Footscray warehouse 23 years ago Snuff Puppets have since taken their giant puppet spectacles to more than 25 countries.

Snuff Puppets arrive like a circus, parading through town using outdoor performances to ambush audiences and entice them into the world of theatre. Our art explores, provokes and inspires progressive cultural change. We are unashamedly hand-made and experimental in a world obsessed with perfection and mass-consumption. Snuff Puppets is proudly anarchic, fiercely fun and all-inclusive.
Snuff Puppets believe creativity is an essential human need. A core priority for Snuff Puppets is to share our skills, philosophy, creativity and experience with our community, locally and globally. We regularly perform in the inner west, usually as free public performances, using our Snuff brand of guerilla style street theatre. Our giant puppets transform the familiar, dramatically shifting audience’s reality. For decades we have been contributing to the unique character of our local community and transforming public sites into public art. Our Human Body Parts, Butcher and Cows, Skullies and Boom Family, among other acts, have been regular features in downtown Footscray and at local community events. Giant puppets are at the core of our work and each new Snuff Puppets work involves the creation of a whole new world of puppets with their own rules, relationships and spirit. It takes a giant investment to create, build and breathe life in to every Snuff Puppet. We’ve decided to build new puppets for our new main stage show, although all of our giant puppets are used for multiple purposes including outdoor roaming performances, community workshops and master classes. Made in Footscray, we run all of these programs here in the west and all over the world. In this new work, Snuff Puppets are working with writer, John Hughes and artist, Marco Luccio to bring to life the darkly beautiful and haunting fables from their critically acclaimed book, The Garden of Sorrows. The book features fourteen fables in which iconic Australian animals take on human qualities. These fables cast us back to the flux at the beginning of the world; a kingdom of animal warriors, poets, healers and thieves. Don’t be surprised to see a giant Thylacine, Kangaroo, Emu or Goanna roaming a street near you. “Our ambition is to take Australian fauna and landscape away from kitsch and embrace the real danger and carnage of its nature,” Andy Freer, Snuff Puppets Artistic Director.

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