Sadly, there are many older Australians who have worked hard all their life and now find themselves unemployed. They are unable to get any Centrelink benefits and have used up all their savings. Many have lost their homes because they couldn’t pay their mortgages.
These are the people W.O.W! helps. We provide food parcels, household items, social services, meals, social functions, job-seeking seminars, workshops, advocacy and more. Our members currently range in age from 50 to 89 and come from many cultures.
When we needed a new venue to run our food programme, the Scouts generously offered the use of the 1st Footscray Scout Hall in Hyde Street, Footscray. We use the hall on Fridays and are now being given access to a room to set up an office. Currently, the office is in our Founder’s home. This makes it difficult for our many volunteers to do the enormous paperwork required to run W.O.W! It also limits our ability to teach computer skills, a vital need in today’s workplace.
We love this heritage-listed hall. The Scouts also share this hall with several other local groups. It has played a significant part in the history of this area and continues to be a place where adults, youth and children can meet to learn, or attend functions or in the case of W.O.W! receive assistance. While W.O.W! volunteers do the basic maintenance on the hall, it now needs skilled professionals to do some major works and we would like to help the Scouts by raising money to have this work done. (We have been given permission by the District Commissioner to apply for a grant to do this vital work) The floor needs to be fully repaired because the termites have been hungry. No easy task because the hall is quite large. This work is important because children and adults use the hall for dance classes. A new hot water system is needed in the kitchen. W.O.W! would also appreciate some help in setting up our office. The ceiling needs painting, and we need desks, storage and three more computers so we can teach computer skills to our members. We’ll also need a phone and internet service installed. This will help our members in their job searches. W.O.W! is run by volunteers and we are not aligned with any political party nor do we receive government funding. We rely on donations from the general public and grants from community groups. We would be very grateful for a grant of $20,000 as this would allow us, working in conjunction with the Scouts, to preserve this beautiful hall for years to come. The many Community groups who use this hall will be extremely grateful for your support. For more information about this important heritage building, please see: Thank you for caring.

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