Why are non-drug Hemp Foods not legal in Australia, and yet they are legal in nearly every country in the world? Proven by Food Standards to be healthy, yet Australia does not seem to support jobs or Australian farmers anymore when they could through hemp.

user picture Paul Benhaim · 6 years ago · 416 votes · 50 comments
Lately I have been reading a lot on Hemp and the product that can be make of Hemp, its seem to me that Australia is far behind the times and we should be using Hemp products and make Hemp oil legal to use as a food product here in Australia, We Australian are missing out of all the nutrition that people all over the world are getting, just because of our government who are not listening to how Australian feel.
Carolyn Parsons · 6 years ago
The benefits of consuming this natural product in whatever form is huge when it comes to myself who is a vegetarian. As well, Australia desperately needs more industries in order to lower the employment rate. As such, what is the commotion about?
Pauline Poppi · 6 years ago
In my opinion this guy is flouting the very law he is trying to change. How does one support Aussie Farmers?? Buy Aussie GROWN! Insist that the Australian Hemp Industry operates with integrity. Sign this petition today. http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/that-all-hemp-food-processing-plants-in-aust-be-required-to-accurately-label-products-produced
James Hempman · 6 years ago
Why aren't we growing THC-free hemp as a solution to unemployment? The capacity for employment in so many areas is nullified by those pandering to tough on drugs policies (which only function to increase attractiveness!). Value adding to hemp includes building materials, clothing, medicines, food. Why can i buy 2 packets of panadol and kill myself slowly and painfully but cant eat some healthy hemp seeds or oil?It's time politicians stopped acting to further their interests by pandering to conservative absurdities and instead bring in logical scientific and socially just policies.
Granny Bevan · 6 years ago
It is disappointing that the Government is so far behind the rest of the world. Learn the truth and dont pre-judge. this is a healthy, good for us product which can provide jobs for Australians. Please, can you finally do what is right. Legalize Hemp Foods in Australia
Suzie Lane · 6 years ago
As a vegan it is disappointing that such a quality natural product is not more easily available to consumers due purely to misinformation.
Susan Liddell · 6 years ago
As a Naturopath I am so disappointed that such a nutrient dense food is going to waste...
Kasey Willson · 6 years ago
It's a shame ignorance isn't painful
Brett Falkner · 6 years ago
I recently switched to many hemp products due to severe eczema which would not abate. Clothing, oil and beautiful bathroom products - I now find my eczema almost gone! Being offered a wonderful organic product that is assured of quality, is something we should be incredibly proud of. Creating jobs, isn't that something to be proud of too? Is it what its made of thats the issue here? And because it won't "make money" like pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies have a strong backing because that's ALL we have known for such a long time. Come on.... wake up.
Trudy Rice · 6 years ago
STUPID AUS Lapdog to USA. research Big Pharmaceuticals & Petrochemical Industry.. USA Agribusiness , Monsanto Chemical Corp. ALL filthy mongrel money grubbing EVILS. HEMP IS CLEAN - NATURAL - SUPERIOR - PLANET FRIENDLY .... if you want to better your world.. VOTE HEMP.
jay mark · 6 years ago
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