Where would be a suitable location for an off-leash dog park?

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What locations in Euroa and Nagambie do you think would make a suitable off-leash dog park? 

An off-leash dog area is a designated area where dogs can exercise and play off the leash under the supervision of their owners.

They can be hugely valuable, providing physical and mental health benefits to the community derived through physical exercise, social interaction and pet kinship.

We are taking suggestions until 5pm Thursday, 31 January, 2019 and all feedback will be considered, along with associated requirements, to inform decision making.

There will be a number of other factors that will need to be considered, including environmental, regulatory safety and management, but we will be looking at all options put forward by our community! 

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1 year ago

Showground or area behind old youth club sound good. I’m not supportive of it being around creek/parkland as it is currently a peaceful and scenic area that many users can benefit from (walk, run, dog on lead, no dog). I don’t think a fenced area would fit in with the current appeal/scenery.

1 year ago

Please don't put the dog park in the Lions park on Bury st. There is so much dog poo there already and lots of children use the park

1 year ago

There seems to be a lot of unused space near the train station in Nagambie that could be better utilised. It would still be central to town but not on a main road incase a dog did happen to get off the lead and run on to the road.

1 year ago

The Showgrounds is best suited to everyone :)

1 year ago

I’d like to see the area behind the old youth club hall in Euroa rejuvenated into a well fenced, shaded and lush dog park.

I assume this is still Councl land?

It would turn an eyesore into something visually appealing and practical again.

Being close to the tracks noise would not be as big of an issue, either.


1 year ago

The Showgrounds would appear to be a suitable location with plenty of space for thus activity. It would also ensure non dog owners , walkers , runners , our lovely open parks along the creek etc are not impacted by this activity.

1 year ago

There’s a nice big space on the corner of Parker and Turnbull Streets where the BMX track was years ago. Easy access, plenty of room for parking and adjacent to the Apex walking track.

1 year ago

Would the Euroa Showgrounds make a suitable location in Euroa?

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