Where would be a suitable location for an off-leash dog park?

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What locations in Euroa and Nagambie do you think would make a suitable off-leash dog park? 

An off-leash dog area is a designated area where dogs can exercise and play off the leash under the supervision of their owners.

They can be hugely valuable, providing physical and mental health benefits to the community derived through physical exercise, social interaction and pet kinship.

We are taking suggestions until 5pm Thursday, 31 January, 2019 and all feedback will be considered, along with associated requirements, to inform decision making.

There will be a number of other factors that will need to be considered, including environmental, regulatory safety and management, but we will be looking at all options put forward by our community! 

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8 months ago

The existing Euroa Apex track and creek surrounds are being increasingly utilised for passive recreation by families, walkers, joggers, fishing, bike riding and people walking dogs and is available to the whole community. I don’t think any of existing creek reserves or parks should be sectioned off for use by a small minority of people who want to run their dogs off the leash. If an off leash dog area is deemed by the Shire as a high priority to set up then I would not want it near house or any other residential housing. I think a section of the Euroa Showgrounds would be an obvious choice (fenced...

8 months ago

The Off Leash Dog Park Support Group believe that this facility needs, most of all, to be accessible to the majority of dog owners. For this reason, we feel that it would be best located somewhere along the existing Apex Walking Track. This track is already frequently used by people walking dogs and accessible from both sides of the Sevens Creek. There are also areas where people with less mobility can access by car. It is most likely to be used by people who wish to add an off-leash component into their dog's walk. If it needs a car to bring the dog to the site, it is likely to be less used. The...

8 months ago

A fenced dog park on the parkland adjacent to the sevens creek. Opposite the sevens creek hotel . Just on the right as you cross burtons bridge heading north. This area would be visible to drivers passing through with pets and also tourists at the caravan park. And very accessible to locals with good parking . I have thought about this a lot and would suggest checking out the enclosed off leash areas or dog parks in wodonga that have been developed.

8 months ago

An off leash dog park would be a fantastic idea in Nagambie, as Nagambie a great area for tourism and many people stay, holiday or pass through with their dogs. I believe a perfect spot for a dog park would between Buckley Park and Elluroa drive (south of the carpark near the rowing club). Close to town but away from picnic grounds and play grounds.

8 months ago

Near the (soon to be built) pedestrian bridge on the memorial oval side of the apex track. Far enough away from residents but easy access from both sides of the creek.

8 months ago

At the moment people take their dogs off the lead on back roads around Euroa including Hillview Road, Creek Drive, Cowells Lane to name a few. They dont cause any trouble to anyone and I count half a dozen on some days. Im not sure that a dedicated off leash park is warranted, particularly a fence park. If someone is letting their dog off a lead that is not under appropriate voice command, then other dogs will be at risk anyway. I am concerned that a fenced park will encourage untrained dogs to be run loose in a public location. People who are walking their dogs around Euroa seem very responsibl...

8 months ago

I don't really think it is necessary to have a dog park in Euroa. However, if the consensus is to have one, placing it in an area that has already been cleared such as the show-grounds would be suitable. I would be very saddened to see any native vegetation cleared for non native animals to roam off a leash.

8 months ago

I'm not sure how well used such a park would be. However, if it is deemed necessary, the Euroa Showgrounds would be the obvious site; it's already fenced and used by many kinds of animals already, so it would require little if any modifications.
The creek walk is popular with locals and visitors, for its wildlife and its natural beauty. There are some areas that should be off-limits for dogs and cats. We are not all domestic animal lovers.

8 months ago

It is not necessary. It will cost the council to establish for the very few people who would use it. It will cost the council to maintain it. It will cost the council to keep it free of pests and flies if it is used by anyone. There is literally no demand for this dog walking area. People who wish to walk their dogs in Euroa are perfectly capable of putting them on a lead and walking them on the Apex track (and thanks Apex for all the work you did on this).
If council is prevailed upon by the very few people who think this is a good idea the only place to put it is at the Showgrounds which is alr...

9 months ago

At the Memorial Oval , were the "Leo's Park " sign is, it is quite a large area and if the dogs like to swim there is access to the creek.

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