What would you like to see in an active space for youth in Nagambie?

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A youth space in Nagambie is something we know our local community has been hoping to see for some time. 

The Nagambie Croquet Club has recently disbanded and with the space now vacant, Council has started exploring the idea of having an active youth space at this location, with four early designs developed for initial feedback.

This is very much in the early concept stage and we currently have no budget, project plan or timelines in place.

However, your feedback will help Council with future planning, and will be taken into consideration, along with a number of other factors including financial, regulatory and safety considerations. 

Let us know what you think by completing the survey or contributing to the discussion!

We're taking feedback until 5pm 30th November, 2018. 

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Nagambie Active Youth Space

1 year ago

I think Option 2 is the best idea! Parkour should definitely be included.

1 year ago

Do you like the idea of including social spaces for relaxing and socialising with friends?

1 year ago

Is parkour something you'd like included in an active youth space?

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