What would you like to see Council do to support local businesses?

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We want to make the Strathbogie Shire an even better place to live, work, invest and visit and we want to support local businesses to thrive. 

What types of things would you like to see Council do to support local businesses? 

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1 year ago

Provide assistance to those thinking about starting up a business in the form of issuing guidelines to running and what is required for a successful business- too many businesses don't last - not enough research
Also when a business is starting to struggle provide some assistance

1 year ago

Put simply, we need to increase visitor numbers.

In my view, Euroa has everything it needs day to day (there are often suggestions for a kids clothing or shoe shop in town, but sadly I don't think these are financially viable at this point.) Also, most Euroans are on low and/or fixed incomes. Therefore, we need to increase visitor numbers by providing a drawcard or drawcards to attract visitors & better advertise what we already have.

A sign on the freeway announcing that travellers are halfway to Melbourne/NSW and inviting them into town to stretch their legs may assist. RV parking on Kir...

1 year ago

Build a proper information center near the travelers rest stop at the Sevens Park, let and pay the lovely knowledgeable people who currently run the hub onfo centre work there. Apart from tourist spot info, also stock it with brochures from local shops and eateries, may even have discounts to encourage patronage eg Buy 'such and such' receive a free coffee?
Also many people travel with dogs and some local attractions have in current times barred dogs from them eg Pollys and Gooram. Why stop in town, when another further up the Hume welcomes such travellers and their pets at their 'wonde...

1 year ago

Go talk to Catherine McMillan at Benalla council. She's fabulous and doing a lot to support people beginning and maintaining small businesses.

Also, encouraging something like the Newcastle Project to fill shops and providing studio and office space that can be rented on a short term basis in any unused council owned buildings.

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