What do you think should be our #1 priority as a community to our shire as the climate changes?

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What is one thing Council could do to protect and develop the local economy, our environment or the social wellbeing of our communities into the future?

We have drafted a Sustainable Strathbogie 2030 Strategy which looks at the things Council and the community can do in the next decade to work towards a more sustainable future. 

We need your help getting this right. Read the strategy here (or paper based  copies at Council Offices and the libraries across the shire). Then post ideas and comments below. 

Complete the survey to go into the draw for a free IPad Mini, contribute to here on the discussion forum and come along to one of our drop in sessions to discuss your thoughts on the strategy. 

·      Euroa – Council Conference Room, Bury St, Monday 15 April, 3pm – 6.00pm

·      Avenel – Avenel Bowls Club, 7 Queen St, Tuesday 16 April 3pm – 6.00pm

·      Nagambie – Nagambie Bowls Club, 6-12 Marie St, Nagambie, Thursday 18 April         3pm – 6pm

·      Violet Town – Violet Town Community Complex, 35 Cowslip St, Monday 29 April         3pm – 6pm

·      Strathbogie – Recreation Reserve, Tuesday 30 April 3pm – 6pm

9 months ago

The need for urgent action on climate change is my major concern. It would be heartening to see our local government, the Shire of Strathbogie, taking a strong and united stand against the use of fossil fuels by sending an urgent message to declare a ‘climate emergency’ to both State and Federal Governments on behalf of our community. Strathbogie Shire is recognised for its progressive initiatives such as the solar panel bulk buy scheme and the development of the business micro-grid. These should be publicised with pride, as should support groups within the community who are working to protect and...

9 months ago

The projections are, that in 2050, Strathbogie Shire will experience average temperatures 3.2 degrees higher than current. This will have a large impact on the liveability of the town and also on the health of our residents Recent research from US showed that tree canopy cover of greater than 40% had the effect, in urban environments, of reducing temperatures by 3 per cent. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences if the USA. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1817561116). Note that the reduction in temperature was not proportional to tree cover and really only kicked in once canopy cover reac...

9 months ago

Please consider placing information in the Shire Newsletter on how to adapt your living environment for climate change, nothing too complex but simple saving money redesign. I know the limitations that our Shire faces but action is required now.
Thank you
Tess Noonan Egan

9 months ago

Love the Idea of Action Plan Item 6.08 (I think that's the number!) dealing with engagement with Traditional Elders and others in creating an Indigenous Living History Park in town.

I'd love to see:

(1) a "Living History Park" established in Seven Creeks Park (eg close to existing Rotunda and BBQs perhaps?) with signage reminding visitors that this was originally Taungurung country (and mentioning any other traditional owners from other groups if relevant);

(2) a section of the Euroa Arboretum designated an Indigenous Garden (similar to the one beside Benalla Lake, perhaps?)...

10 months ago

It is critical that all governments (including local govts) plan and ACT urgently on the Climate Change. We are in a Climate Emergency - and we must adopt appropriate measures NOW to deal with these challenges. We just endured the hottest summer on record. In Port Augusta the thermometer hit 49.5 degrees. Across the country more than 200 temperature records were broken. Nine of the 10 warmest years in Australia’s records have occurred since 2005. Communities have no water. Flying foxes are dropping dead from the trees. Up to a million fish have died in the parched Murray-Darling – an ongoing envir...

10 months ago

I believe the Shire has a great opportunity to develop the potential of our local pools - as a place of refuge, but also as an area that provides a social hub in summer months. The Shires pools provide relief in times of extreme heat, high fire risk and give the community a place to cool off in safety. It is especially important for disadvantaged members of the community who may not have effective air conditioning. As our climate gets hotter, our pools become more important.
Our pools are currently neglected and require funding so they can be more attractive and inviting, provide more shade and be ...

10 months ago

An important and effective climate change amelioration action (with additional benefits) is to maintain and increase the area and health of both native vegetation in the Shire and shade trees in urban areas of the Shire.
Native vegetation will come under increased stress as temps are projected to increase and rainfall decrease. Instruments include:
Roadside management plan.
Rate relief for permanently protected, high quality habitat.
Partnerships with community conservation groups and Agencies.
'Urban forest' concept.
Value of the services urban shade trees provide to local economies a...

10 months ago

I request that the Strathbogie Shire Council adopts the Climate Emergency Plan. Even though our Federal parliament is falling WAY behind on climate action, I am confident that if all councils act, we really can make a significant impact in halting temperature rise, CO2 emissions and the life ending impacts of inaction on climate change

More information here: http://www.caceonline.org/a-guide-for-councils.html
and here: https://climateemergencydeclaration.org/climate-emergency-declarations-cover-15-million-citizens/

10 months ago

Roads and access to properties.
Clear signage.
Signage for business clearly and non intrusive

10 months ago

What if the State Government back in the 1950s had mandated Environmentally Sustainable Design for all new housing? Would you participate in workshops about retrofitting your home to be more comfortable during multi-day heatwaves? What was your home like during the January heatwaves this year?

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