What does "Culture" mean to you?

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Culture means different things to differnt people.

What places, traditions or events are important to you?

The best part? Your feedback will go towards informing Strathbogie's Art and Culture Strategy, which provides Council and the community with a road map to develop a more vibrant, sustainable and connected community. 

Responding to your ideas

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1 year ago

the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.

Cultural education is important to our community.

1 year ago

To me culture is the culmination or coming together of influences such as geography, environment, history, religion, arts, employment, lifestyle, and education to form a community which retains its diversity but has a particular intrinsic vibe, character or “feel”.
Euroa, as with many other towns within the shire, is rapidly losing its “retirement town” image. More flexible work practices allow young families to enjoy the lifestyle and environment and in turn add their influences and skills to the community.
Euroa’s easy access to Melbourne and its central location within the region allows others ...

1 year ago

A sense of identity, of who we are, where we have come from, and how we thrive.
Community culture is reflective of its past, through its achievements and its shortcomings. It is acknowledging and therefore evolving. Culture embraces our thoughts, our feelings and is a vehicle for expression .

1 year ago

The word "culture" means to tend to the earth, grow and nurture. Culture fosters growth and what I've learned personally in my short time living in the Strathbogie Rangers and a member of Ruffartz is that music, spoken word, theatre, the sharing of food and connecting through true stories is what connects community. Through being open and engaging we become enriched by other cultures and which ultimately feeds and enriches ourselves. We are already doing so much up here in Ruffy to enrich our community and I believe this would be further enriched by offering a performing arts centre in...

1 year ago

A cultural strategy must first consider the community, at a township and a regional level. Community can mean so many things. If Community is to mean a collection of people within a geographical space, then my question is how can we build a connectedness across the region that builds lasting cooperation between similar cultural pursuits across townships?

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