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What are your question for Strathbogie Shire Council? This is a public forum for rate-payers and the community at large to ask a question. 

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4 months ago

When is the parramatta council harmonisation being finalised?

5 months ago

What’s happening with Parramatta’s swimming centre? There is no mention of it in the latest newsletter. Why are we getting a light rail, construction of which will totally disrupt the CBD, but no swimming pool ??

9 months ago

Why haven't the resident ratepayers of Bryde St Nagambie been consulted in regard to the announcement for the extension of the boardwalk on Lake Nagambie from Jacobsen's outlook through to Bryde St? This extension will have an impact on us all due to increased foot traffic passing by our homes in what has been,up till now,a nice,quiet little street.We have concerns about additional rubbish,people parking here to get to shops/hotels etc,it is a narrow st & there is no room to park without blocking street,this raises concerns about access for ambulance/fire brigade should they be required.It h...

1 year ago

Under the tag 'environment' the Shire has not listed any of the following things
-Euroa Arboretum
-Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network
-Friends of the Sevens Creek
-Strathbogie Forest Network.

If these were to show up in another tag - for instance under community environment activities - that would be good. But, not only should they show up there, there should be electronic links to each organisation -ie not just their name.

1 year ago

Council presently has an "Arts Directory" which hardly seems to pickup the real extent of the art activity in this region. My own entry is out of date and it needs to be changed but after I submitted the subject matter I have had no follow up at all. It seems like the 'directory' is dormant. What is being done about that?
As to presentation - entries are spartan text-only and should at the very least have some sort of visual prompt. What is being done about that? Kate Auty

1 year ago

Where can I obtain a copy of the arborists report on the trees in the Euroa Caravan Park please?

1 year ago

Why has Council hired a consultant from South Australia (with, in my experience, limited people skills) to do a study on what locals want in a culture strategy? From my dealings with Claire Taylor, she'd be doing a better job AND she's already employed by council.

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