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Leongatha Railway Site Transformation

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What are your ideas to improve the Leongatha Railway Site for the future?

While the railway corridor to Leongatha will remain open for future rail services, the State Government currently has no plans for their return. Given this, Council has the opportunity to take over the lease of the railway land and to improve the Leongatha railway site and its surrounds. Community views are being sought to determine the Leongatha railway site’s future.

This forum is open until Tuesday 30 May 2017 for you to submit your ideas. Your ideas will help inform the master plan that will be prepared for the site. A map of this area is available in the document library below.

Information about the master plan process, the project timing and more information about the site's constraints are available at the project webpage.

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Document library

5 days ago

The Station can be sympathetically refurbished/redeveloped as is being proposed in Korumburra but ALWAYS on the basis of the trains return being imminent. Don't take away railway/track access. Return of rail is the only solution to SO MANY OF OUR SHIRE'S CURRENT CHALLENGES!!! - just for example - it would bring new residents (with sympathetic sustainable residential development) and tourism, improve property values and would generate a sustainable revenue base for the Shire; it would help local retailers (with the right sort of goods and services to offer) to survive and thrive; it would broa...

1 week ago

Whatever you do with the site please extend the rail trail past it and through to Korumburra.

1 week ago

Don't give up on a return of the railway service- it may only be an election away . Australia's pathetic rail service compared to other countries is just embarrassing!

1 week ago

The railway station is also the bus depot, the only public transport available for regional people who need to go to the city. The railway station needs basic amenities for travellers - overnight secure parking, drinking water, toilets, a coffee shop would be good, improved shelter from the weather and better security and comfort for all travellers. Agree that a walkway or link to the main shopping area would be good. Please keep the country look, trees, open space and the classic red brick railway building.

1 week ago

I would like to see a new start to the rail trail (in the hope we could start our own parkrun), an all abilities park, work out equipment, walk through to bair st, bike hire (often have friends visit from nsw and not enough bikes), open area for pop up outdoor cinema, all day parking for business, more public toilets, large open area near park for festivals and markets.

1 week ago

Restore a regular rail service to Leongatha and down to Yarram

1 week ago

A railway or more broadly a transport museum The transport to the area, horses and carts, ships to the nearby coast to trains,cars and trucks. Car parking could be provided. access from the town and the highway.

1 week ago

Community Idea

Reinstate a connection between Bair Street and the railway site (feedback from Leongatha Streetscape Master Plan consultation)

1 week ago

Korumburra has a railroad sight and huge train station....any plans for this or is only Leongatha getting any upgrades as usual....getting tired of being the bastard son here....!

1 week ago

I think Leongatha needs a proper bypass, removing all the trucks and cars which don't need to stop in town. The new road system hasn't really improved traveling through the town.

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