Community Engagement Review

Community consultation for the Community Engagement Review is now closed. Thank you to all community members who participated.

Council adopted the amended Community Engagement Policy at the February 2021 Council Meeting which incoporated feedback received through this consultation process.

From the consultation Council received:

  • Sixty-one completed online surveys (including one written submission)
  • Five hundred and eighty-nine page views for the online forum
  • Fifteen ideas submitted to the online forum with 31 likes and 12 comments

Key themes that emerged from the results included:

  • 95 per cent of respondents will engage with Council on decisions that are important to them such as decisions around infrastructure/services and strategic plans.
  • The most popular methods of engaging with respondents included surveys, online interactive platforms and informative measures (such as e-newsletters, social media and newspapers)
  • Suggestions to make community engagement activities more inviting included to articulate how their say made a difference, changing the culture, consider new methods (i.e., Zoom), holding more workshops, keep interactions online or anonymous and taking part in community activities
  • Feedback for the draft policy focused on accessibility, including a dedicated place for engagement activities to be advertised (including an e-newsletter or online engagement hub) and making a commitment to provide community members with assistance to understand the material that is provided to them for them to be able to comment.
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