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Would you find value in knowing how much water you're using each day? How about receiving alerts within 24 hours of us detecting unusual water use that could indicate a leak? These options would be possible if current water meters are replaced with digital meters, which can provide water meter readings multiple times a day rather than the current method of one manual reading every three months. 

Greater awareness of water use data could help us all to reduce our water use, which is important in the face of a rapidly growing population and a drier climate. 

Our customers have differing opinions - here’s what some of you have said: 

Chris from Ferntree Gully:
When water usage increases dramatically from one bill to another the bill payer should be notified (i.e. if there is a leak). If digital meters are added, they are a cost of the infrastructure, not an added cost to the consumer… They could also help to discover leaks so say over two days the usage is high, the customer should get a text to say something might be wrong. 

Bridie from Clayton said:
I would like to see more of a break-down of when we use our water. I can see how much we use over a three month period at the moment on our bill, but I would love to have finer detail than that to get a better idea about where we can reduce our water usage.

O from Aspendale:
Yes, I would (pay more) but not just to replace the paper bill, only for technology that adds to water saving. 

What do you think? Let us know if you'd value a service like this. 

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2 years ago

It's good idea to have a digital meter installed to monitor the usage on the fly, achieve finer control from water company, spot any leakage (earlier and easier), and spot any sneaky water thieves. We can keep track of real time usage is one thing, also good for adjusting our usage pattern to achieve better water saving. Although I can foresee the extra cost on "installation" or "service charge" of the digital meter (may also need a network connection), but nothing is for everyone, so maybe you guys can provide an option to allow the people opt in for digital meter instead of for...

2 years ago

I am totally opposed to the unnecessary expense, waste and radiation hazard of this proposal

2 years ago

Yes, I would be pleased to have a digital meter installed IF it is used to alert water usage spikes. this would be especially useful if we are on vacation. I wonder what sort of time reaction time would be involved? In what time frame does a slow leak become evident?
What are the statistics on leaks and pipe bursts for residential/commercial/industrial premises?
Is the technology/hardware already available?
This could be beneficial for commercial/industrial premises where water usage could be expected within certain hours of the day ONLY - so alerts could be within less than 12/24hrs. But for re...

2 years ago

I would like further information. Tell me more about the technology. I would not support further technology like smart meters because of there electromagnetic radiation but i do like the concept of more up to date information on water usage for behavior change purposes. Also what is the cost? a broad estimate would be helpful. Thank you

2 years ago

No. Why can't you allocate from the existing revenues or financial resources. Or try to ct cost? Keep increasing rates is one of the factors that will kill local businesses due to higher cost of productions against imported goods. Also, Australian products will lost competion in Export markets internationally.

2 years ago

At the least, I'd like something like the energyeasy portal that United Energy provides to properties within their area. I can view our electricity use from home and study daily and weekly trends. It's powerful data to influence greater understanding, behaviour change, as well as enabling the analysis of new technologies.

2 years ago

Lynne from Drouin Is this going to cost us any money, we are in one of 3 units. When they were built they put one metre in and the bill is split 3 ways. Can that be changed at no cost to us?

2 years ago

Do NOT want any digital technology for water. The so-called smart meters are a dangerous and unnecessary hazard. I'm happy with my water meter thank you.

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