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2 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam

First of all, Lower prices would be great. Especially The $94.42 charge for sewerage is too much!
I really find it hard to believe I use an average of 65 litres of water per day when I only have an average of
2 or may be at the most 3 minute showers per day which uses approximately a bucket which is only 10 litres.
Also the washing machine(top loader) might use 100 litres, but this is only used once a week!

Like all other bills they just keep going up and up

Kind Regards

Mr Mark G. Ingles

2 years ago

This is a good start Southeast Water, thanks for listening to us, hopefully Southeast water will have better plan in the future.

I do understand each household needs to pay what service has been provided, but the cost of supply is way too high, It is more 80%of my bills for sure. I also had to change all the water pipes throughout my house, due to it is getting blocked after years using it. and it is not cheap at all.

Considering we are paying all the services forever and plus maintenance of own household system. Could Southeast water provide better incentive plans ? e.g. more incentive on ...

2 years ago

I appreciate the clear way in which the account was set out. Like the colour coding and the breakdown of the expense. Keep working to keep the costs down as I am a pensioner and struggle to make ends meet.
Thank you

2 years ago

More affordable charges and not having to pay for a desalination plant that isn't even working

2 years ago

Lower prices and not wasting money on potitically correct initiatives

2 years ago

Whatever happened to the summer garden discount we used to receive? Those of us with large gardens are doing our bit for climate change and carbon capture, as well as helping to keep Melbourne a green and liveable city, but keeping those gardens alive in a hot dry summer sees us penalised by going up a usage step. So please could we have, if not a discount, an extra allowance for the garden in summer? As the meters are read physically, the reader will know who does have a garden!

2 years ago

Taking into consideration the number of residents living in a household.

We are a family of 6 adults and always go into the step 2 price range for our water usage. Considering we use less than 100 litres of water person per day we are well below the Target 155 but get penalised with the additional price per KL because of the number of people in the household. I understand this would be difficult to assess, but it is just very annoying that we have to pay extra because we are a big family on todays standards.

2 years ago

Help us use water wisely, e.g. establish system to water the garden or flush the toilet using used water.

2 years ago

Promote efficient use of water by providing rebate/discount.

2 years ago

It would be better if I got more than 6 business days notice to pay my bill

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