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I would like more transparency as to how sewerage charges are calculated. Is it based on a percentage of total water usage? I usually pay more for charges than actual usage.

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Thank you for your comment. So does all water used in a household enter the sewerage system, regardless of whether it is used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or toilet? It seems that 85% is quite high if it is only for waste disposal (from a toilet).

2 years ago
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Hi Kathy

Thanks for your question. Your sewerage service charge is a fixed charge, and this pays for the ongoing maintenance of the pipes and pumps that remove waste from your property.
The sewage disposal charge is variable, and is calculated based on the amount of water supplied to your property, less an allowance for water that's not likely to enter the sewerage system (i.e. garden use). For homes, this is calculated at 85% and apartments is 75% of your total water usage. This charge pays for the safe removal, treatment and disposal of waste (sewage).
More information on your charges and an explanation of your bill can be found here:


Customer engagement team
2 years ago
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