What does your money pay for?

The money you pay on your bill has a broad and significant purpose. It supports the operation of an essential service for 1.7 million people, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our role is to ensure you receive high quality water delivered to you and that your wastewater is safely removed and treated. That is a simple summary, but much more is involved in achieving this across our 24,000 kilometre pipe network, including:


  • 24/7 emergency response to water bursts and sewage spills  
  • ongoing maintenance and repairs to pipes and pumps
  • early replacement of ageing pipes
  • installation of new water and sewer pipes to service Melbourne’s growing population
  • operating and upgrading treatment plants
  • producing, supplying and disposing of recycled water
  • environmental contribution to support key water sustainability initiatives
  • customer service and administration services


What does your money pay for? South East Water

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